Education is Power

In January 2017, Alexis from Birth360 and I locked ourselves in a room and birthed a training. Taking everything we knew about trauma and birth, we created a four-hour training designed to engage birth workers on how to work with families through a trauma-informed lens. This training will provide guidance and tools to perinatal professionals on how to better serve survivor clients through their pregnancy and postpartum. It will explore the various types of trauma that can impact maternal health including, intimate partner violence, sexual trauma, race-based trauma, birth trauma, and overall provide tools and techniques to implement into your practice to enhance your ability to serve women experiencing current or past abuse.

Trauma-Informed Care for Birth and Postpartum Professionals

Description/Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the need & meaning of trauma-informed care

  • Explore Polyvagal Theory and the role a support person can play in trauma recovery

  • Understand the dynamics of domestic violence and sexual assault

  • Understand the unique challenges trauma survivors might face during birth and postpartum

  • Understand the unique challenges survivors of color face

  • Understand the dynamics of the stress response & how to help survivors feel grounded

  • Become familiar with the types of support, resources & treatments available to survivors

  • Overall enhance support services to pregnant/postpartum persons experiencing current or past abuse or trauma


We are partnering with Nurture[Bklyn} to bring this amazing training to the east coast. Join us on June 1st, 2019.

Who We Are

Courtney and Alexis met in 2010 when working together as counselors at a domestic violence agency in Dallas, TX. They spent almost 5 years together providing counseling to adolescents and young adults victimized by violence, and teaching dating violence, sexual assault and bullying prevention to students. After becoming parents, they were both inspired to shift their focus to serving new parents and were especially passionate about building awareness on the unique needs of survivor parents. In January 2018 they co-created a trauma-informed support training for birth and postpartum professionals that they teach across the U.S. As mental health professionals and birth workers with a background serving survivors, they bring a unique perspective on how to better support women carrying trauma through the child bearing years.